3 Answers to Questions About Lash Extensions | Extensions Austin, TX

Dolce Blu is proud to groom the lashes of all women in Austin, TX. We believe that there is nothing better to frame the face than healthy, long, and dark lashes. Some may be skeptical of diving in and trying out why everyone is raving over lash extensions, but we want you to know that healthy and long lashes are for everyone. Here are answers to 3 common questions people have before they get lash extensions.

1.What Are They Made of?

The material used in lash extensions vary. According to Bustle’s Emily McClure,

You could get mink, syntetic silk, or sable. Mink is the most expensive that a lot of celebrities use, but synthetic materials (the cheaper option) will do the job. There is no lash product that is perfect for all, so be sure to talk to your stylist about what you’re willing to pay and what type of look you think will be you best fit.

2. Who Does Them?

All of our lash and brow stylists are highly trained to give you the eye look you’ve been dreaming of. Our team is honest, precise, and cares about the health of your lashes. Highly trained professionals may seem pricey, but you are paying for the materials on your eyes and the labor that your stylist is doing. Before you go through with any cosmetic service, don’t be afraid to ask about their certification process or look to see their reviews online.

3. Are They Hard to Take Care of?

If you want your lashes to last to their fullest capacity, then you will have to follow a minimal guide to make them last longer. Your stylist will give you a list of ways to maintain them. If you follow the routine that your stylist gives you, then you will probably be fine. Either way you won’t be doing any more than you normally do with your old make up routine.

Ready to Get Started?

Dolce Blue specializes in all-things eyes! We are the best Eyelash Studio service in Austin, Texas. We work in all things eyes including eyelash extensions, lash/brow tinting, eyebrow waxing, micro-blading, and lash lifts/lash perms. Our eyelash stylists are highly trained, honest, and care about promoting your natural lashes health. We promise that we will provide a great service every time and that you’ll feel instantly more beautiful by the time you walk out the door. Come in today to see instant and beautiful results!