We are so excited to promote the lash lift, especially since it is such a great option for you ladies who aren’t ready for lash extensions but still want *gorgeous* natural-looking lashes. A big thank you to SHANDI’S CHOICE for this opportunity!

A Lash Lift, also referred to as a Lash Perm is a great alternative to Lash Extensions. This hour long session is performed with your eyes closed. The lift is a chemical cream applied to your lashes with a silicone pad placed on top of your lids to create the curl.

The lift pairs well with a lash tint. Eliminate the need for a lash curler and mascara, effortless beauty can last up to six


A Lash Lift is a keratin based lash enhancement treatment. Instead of doing a traditional perm that simply curves your lashes, A Lash Lift actually turns the eyelashes upwards and adds tint to give them length, height and volume, and an appearance of having longer and thicker lashes. The advanced technique is designed to boost and lift the lash and offers a potential alternative to extensions. It may also complement the application of lash extensions, to facilitate their applications when your lashes are too straight or too curved!

  • Pro tip: Do a tint and lift together to create the appearance of thick and longer lashes.