Quick Guide: 3 Reasons to Get a Lash Perm | Lash Perm | Austin, TX

Dolce Blu wants to help everyone achieve the lashes of their dreams in Austin, TX! A great way for people to take their lashes to 100% is to consider getting a lash perm. A lash perm is not an invasive way for people to make their lashes stay curled for weeks at a time! Here are 3 reasons lash perms can be for everyone!

1. It's Relaxing!

All of our technicians are specially trained to give you a great, easy, and painless experience. All you have to do is show up for the appointment. This is a great way to get a little me-time that will have you feeling refreshed and more beautiful than when you came in!

2. You'll Look Instantly Bright Eyed!

Lash perms are great for people that have lashes that refuse to curl! No more sitting in front of the mirror curling and sculpting your lashes! The simple lash perm treatment will keep those lashes curled and this will instantly leave you looking more awake and brighter for weeks!

3. You'll Save Time!

Getting a lash perm is a great way to skip a part of your morning get ready routine! The instant lift a lash perm provides can help you move your morning routine along! You won't have to fuss over your eye makeup ever again!

Need More Help?

Dolce Blue wants to promote the importance of healthy lashes in Austin, TX. We are the best Eyelash Studio service in Austin, Texas. We work in all things eyes including eyelash extensions, lash/brow tinting, eyebrow waxing, micro-blading, and lash lifts/lash perms. Our eyelash stylists are highly trained, honest, and care about promoting healthy natural lashes. We promise that we will provide a great service every time and that you’ll feel instantly more beautiful by the time you walk out the door. Contact us today! 

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