3 Ways to Groom Your Brows | Lashes | Austin, TX

Dolce Blu wants not only wants all of our customers to have beautiful lashes in Austin, TX, we also want them to help them to have beautiful brows! We're not a one-trick pony when it comes to eyelash grooming, we're also passionate about helping people get the brows of their dreams. Proper brow grooming is incredibly important because it frames the face. Here are 3 ways to groom your brows.

1. Tweezing or Waxing

If you have thick brows and want a stronger arch to open up your face, then you will need to regularly tweeze and/or wax your brows. Be careful not to overdo it though. Sometimes it can be easy to over tweeze and it's better to do it slow and steady to make sure that you have the precise brow you want.

2. Brow Tint

If you have light colored brows, it can be incredibly annoying to have to fill them in with a brow pencil every day. Cut down on this by getting a brow tint! It's a non-invasive way to enhance your brows and cut down on your get-ready routine.

3. Microblading

Microblading is a manual technique used to deposit pigment along the brows and mimic real hair. It is considered “semi-permanent” because results last about a year before needing a refresh on the color. Hair like strokes are strategically placed to yield a more natural effect than traditional cosmetic tattooing. A touch up is usually required after the initial appointment to ensure pigment is full and the shape is consistent.

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