Ditch the Mascara ǀ Lashes Austin, TX

Dolce Blu is an eyelash studio in Austin, TX specializing in all things lashes. Our services include lash extensions and lifts as well as microblading for your eyebrows. With lash extensions, or with lash lifts and a lash tint, mascara is no longer necessary. Here's why that's great news:

  • Mascara can do some real damage to your lashes. Often times, even when we remove our makeup after a long day, some of our mascara still remains. This leftover mascara can dry out and break your lashes making them shorter and less full.
  • Mascara can carry germs. Over time, like all make-up, mascara builds up bacteria, and since mascara is going near your eyes, which are especially sensitive to infection, it's easy to pick up a nasty eye infection with mascara use.
  • Mascara makes a mess. We have all experienced putting on a fresh coat of mascara and sneezing before it dries-- the mascara goes everywhere. Even simple everyday application leads to little spots of mascara on our eyelids and face that are a hassle to remove without messing up our fresh makeup.
  • Mascara application is time-consuming. You put on one coat and your lashes don't look quite right. You put on a second coat, and you've got clumps everywhere. Mascara application is such a hassle, especially when you're rushed in the morning.

Make the hassles of mascara obsolete and let us take care of your lashes at Dolce Blu in Austin, TX.

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