Not Ready for Lash Extensions? Try Falsies! | Lashes | Austin, TX

Dolce Blu in Austin, TX knows that not everybody is ready to commit to lash extensions or lash perms quite yet. In the meantime, consider wearing falsies to see how you like an amplified eye look! Here is our guide to putting on falsies so you can try a flirty look before you commit to lash extensions.

1. Measure Them Along Your Eye

The first step to anybody applying falsies is to properly measure them. Hold them against your eye in an ideal spot you'd like it to stop. Pinch the area that you don't need anymore and simply trim the extra off. This will help make your falsies look more seamless with your natural lashes.

2. Apply Glue

Make sure you always use a recommended lash glue specifically designed for this purpose. You also shouldn't go cheap when you are investing in lash glue. Get one that is going to keep your lashes on while also keeping your real lashes safe. You may also want to consider buying lash glue that goes on white and dries clear. Apply the glue in a thin line along the lash and wait a couple of minutes for the glue to get tacky.

3. Apply it Carefully

Once the glue is tacky, carefully run the falsie along your lash line. You'll have a little grace period to adjust the lashes to the desired place, but you should move fast! Once you have it in the perfect spot, press down gently on the lash to make sure it stays in place!

Want the Extra Glamour of Falsies Without Applying Them Every Day?

Dolce Blue believes that beautiful lashes are for all women, in Austin, TX and beyond. Our eyelash stylists are professional, honest, and care about promoting your natural lashes health. We strive to provide a service that is relaxing, stress-free and has you feeling more confident and beautiful than when you came in.

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