3 Reasons to Choose Dolce Blu | Lashes | Austin, TX

Dolce Blu wants not only wants all of our customers to have beautiful lashes in Austin, TX. Choosing the right lash company to work on you can be hard, but we want to help you make the right decision and plead our case. Here are 3 reasons you should choose to get a lash service with us at Dolce Blu in Austin, TX.

 1. We Are Experts

Your eyes are extremely delicate and it's important that you take proper care of them, a great way to do that is to also have a professional take a look at them. A lot of people try to save money and do some services themselves, but that can be extremely dangerous! Have a professional handle your eyelash service so you'll look great, but also stay safe.

2. We Have a Package for Everyone!

Whether you want extensions, tinting, microblading, etc, we guarantee that we have a service for you that will fit your needs. Just come to our store and ask us how we can help you achieve an elevated look that looks natural and flawless.

3. We Believe in Quality

The customer is always right, but we also want our customer to have the best. We make sure that we give you fair, helpful, and flawless service every time. Our customers deserve the gold standard, and we're ready to serve.

Need More Help?

Dolce Blu is ranked the best eyelash studio service in Austin, Texas. We work in all things eyes including eyelash extensions, lash/brow tinting, eyebrow waxing, micro-blading, and lash lifts/lash perms. Our eyelash stylists are highly trained, honest, and care about promoting healthy natural lashes. We believe that beautiful lashes are for all women. We provide a great “all things eyes” service that is relaxing, stress-free and has you feeling more confident and beautiful than when you came in. Contact us today!