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Dolce Blu wants to help you with your lash extensions in Austin, TX. Many people choose to get lash extensions because they wear well, they enhance your natural beauty, and you can minimize your morning routine. Lash extensions, however, do require a good amount of maintenance to ensure that you get the full use out of them. Here are 3 things to avoid to make sure your lash extensions look great 24/7!

1. Don't Rub Your Eyes!

Lash extensions are pretty durable, but you don't want to push them to the limits. Lash extensions are designed to fall out like your natural lashes, so it's extra important to make sure that you conscious when you rub your eyes.

2. Go Easy on the Mascara

A great aspect of last extensions is that they boost your natural beauty and that you won't have a need to wear mascara as often as you used to. When you do wear mascara, make sure that you are a little more gentle and try to avoid using an eyelash curler if you can. Eyelash extensions are a tad more delicate than your regular lashes, so make sure that you take care of them.

3. Don't Sleep on Your Face

Make sure that you don't sleep on your face. When you toss and turn, it can rip off those extensions that you invested your hard earned money into! Make sure you sleep on your side or your back.

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