3 Reasons Lash Perms Should Be Done by a Professional | Lash Perm | Austin, TX

Dolce Blu believes that safety is paramount, especially with lash perms in Austin, TX. A lot of people try to save a buck by doing DIY projects when it comes to beauty. While most of these trends are completely harmless, but DIY projects that involve your eyes can be extremely hazardous. Here are 3 reasons you should get your lash perm done by a professional.

1. Maintenance Can Be Tricky

While there are a select few who can administer lash perms to themselves successfully, there are risks for post lash perm. You will experience lashes that will stay curled for 6-8 weeks, but after the perm fades, you will notice that your eyelashes will grow in different directions instead of their old pattern. You will find that the fall out of your lashes is higher and that it will need constant maintenance if you don't get it done by a professional. A professional will safely administer the lash perm and will make sure that the after care is seamless and doable for day to day life.

2. FDA Hasn't Approved It

The FDA is still up in the air about Lash Perms because of the chemicals used. The risk, however, goes down drastically if it's done by a trained professional. A trained professional knows how to apply it so that you'll stay safe and get beautiful lashes.

3. You Could Go Blind

The chemicals used for lash perms are no joke, and the fact that it goes by your eyes can be very risky. Doing a DIY of this puts you at a high risk of permanently damaging your eyes, so that's why you need a professional to help you. They are trained to handle these chemicals and to keep you safe.

Ready for a Professional?

Dolce Blue wants to promote the importance of healthy lashes in Austin, TX. We are the best Eyelash Studio service in Austin, Texas. We work in all things eyes including eyelash extensions, lash/brow tinting, eyebrow waxing, micro-blading, and lash lifts/lash perms. Our eyelash stylists are highly trained, honest, and care about promoting healthy natural lashes. We promise that we will provide a great service every time and that you’ll feel instantly more beautiful by the time you walk out the door. Contact us today! 

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